The Wrong Profile (2015) Film Review

Director: Michael Coulombe
Writer: Kenny Kurtkan
Starring: Kyler Porche, Paul Stroili, Todd James Jackson and Marita Gomsrud

The Wrong Profile follows the story of FBI Agents Vincent ‘Ute’ Gant (Paul Stroili) and John Parker (Kyler Porche). Our Agents undergo a routine stakeout surveilling alleged serial killer Zachary Scott’s (Todd James Jackson) home. Zachary is their lead in the investigation of several murders.

Things take a turn for the worse when Agent Vincent Gant leaves his post to use the restroom and is taken hostage by Zachary. Later Zachary initiates a game of life or death in an effort to lure Agent Parker.

The film begins with a great thriller tone, it’s soundtrack and editing offering a “The Bone Collector” (1999) type of feel. However, the films background music in the first scene causes a tonal shift for a moment before we are back onto our original tone.

Throughout the film I could not help but, admire Michael Coulombe’s direction. The eerie dark scenes in which the film was brilliantly shot in — proved Coulombe’s knack for drawing in his audience.

Actors Paul Stroili and Kyler Porche remarkably put on great performances with believably written dialog. Todd James Jackson once again played an extraordinary role as a killer in his sophomore collaboration with Coulombe and gives off a performance similar to Zachary Quinto’s ‘Sylar’ in “Heroes” (2006), a performance that we quickly want to see more of. The actors did a magnificent job portraying their characters with quality acting.

Overall, The Wrong Profile had me wanting more; direction, filming and good editing along with believable dialog except for a few questionable lines were all enjoyable. The biblical premise was intriguing although, because this was a short film there was not enough time to fully develop this storyline. I think this would make a great feature film. The Wrong Profile will be making it’s rounds in the festival circuit so be sure to check it out.

Written by: Ramos, Erick 6.5 Stars 6.5 / 10

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