One starts off in life following dreams. But, then something happens… reality kicks in. One either becomes a parent, settles, moves away, or through misfortune some die young.

I decided to follow my dreams after going through some rough obstacles in life. I am one who is not particularly satisfied with the realities of life. I have much more to offer. I’m skilled, talented, and a visionary who wants to make the young kids around the world no let go of their dreams like I once did.

I, began designing cheesy websites when I was in the military. It was just a hobby. Somehow that evolved when I came to a dead end in life. I began using my artistic capabilities and focused on graphic design. I started chasing my dream. Through my journey I’ve been told that I am a person who bounces around a lot or that I am someone who doesn’t know what he wants. On the contrary, I think this whole time I’ve been evolving. I went from graphic design and discovered a skill in professional photography. You mix design and photography and you get a young guy with a head full of creativity and maybe some silly nonsense. However, that was not enough for me…

You get dabbling in motion graphics, animation, and when you finally pick up a camera; whether it’s an Alexa Arri, Red Epic, Canon, or even a smartphone and film something that you have poured your heart into… it’s like a diehard Star Wars fan holding a real light saber and fighting beside Yoda or Vader themselves. You find where you belong. You discover your passion, your purpose and for me it was something I wanted to do my whole life. But, like so many others like me… I was afraid to because, I thought I just couldn’t and everyone around me constantly told me I had to be normal when in fact I was always meant to be unique in my own way. So here I am Erick Ramos (known in film as E. Alex Stark).




Is an aerial short film that showcases some of the most beautiful vistas on the Western part of Puerto Rico. Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico sits nestled between the Dominican Republic and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s beaches, eclectic foods and culture make it a premier destination for vacationers.

*DISCLAIMER: This short film is only a small look at Puerto Rico and was filmed throughout the western part of the island during the course of a week.


I couldn’t be any happier knowing that my son Gavin shares a similar interest in the creative arts. We spent yesterday afternoon playing in the woods and filming for fun. I was able to test some new aerial shots and camera angles but, it brought me greater joy seeing my son improvise. He has a knack for acting and is just as talented in giving direction.
This short film is called “Lost Boy”. No script, no story to follow just the two of us improvising and putting ideas together. Hope you like it!


I had the pleasure of bringing Easton’s beauty to life with this aerial film I shot a few weekends ago. It showcases some popular sites and a lot of what Easton offers. The town’s love for the Arts and eclectic shopping & dining always brings me back. It’s considered one of my favorite small towns in Maryland. Whether it’s a show at The Avalon Theatre, lunch with my son at Brasserie Brightwell or an enchanting evening at Scossa Restaurant and Lounge, there is always something to do in Easton that is captivating.


Hundreds compete in the world’s largest and richest billfish tournament. Hosted every year in Ocean City, MD – The Official Page. This massive five day event starts with a 4:00am opener each day where sport fisherman deal their hand at catching the biggest white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, shark and dolphins (not the cute ones) off shore. This year’s winner the “Kallianassa”, took home a jackpot of $2,818,660.00 after catching a 76.5 pound white marlin. Runner up went to “Get Reel” who hauled in a whopping 790 pound blue marlin, to take home a pot of $258,995.00.


A new aerial film of towns along Marshy Hope Creek, Gales Creek and the Nanticoke River. Some initial footage shot was too noisy for use so I had to reshoot it. During the reshoot of said footage and the town’s popular carnival that has been running for 90 Years, I had the privilege of capturing a very unique time-lapse. Enjoy.


‘Unsteady’ is a music video project that my son Gavin and I put together one weekend.

Starring: Gavin Ramos

Music by: “Unsteady” – X Ambassadors (VHS)


In my aerial film debut, I capture fireworks during the 4th of July weekend with family in Rhode Island and Maryland. This short film was much harder to do considering I was shooting at night. I had anticipated it would be easier regardless, I am glad I attempted this first.

Music by the incredible M83 – “Outro Demonoid” – (ilovem83.com)


‘Wilderness’ is a short film that I put together one night. The overcast skies and light rain played a key role in this project. My goal was to create something mysterious and eerie while maintaining a cinematic feel. Shot on a Canon 6D with Magic Lantern and a Tamron Wide Angle 28-75mm f/2.8 Aspherical Lens.

Background music by: Kevin MacLeod – http://www.incompetech.com/



An aerial film of Salisbury, Maryland and it’s popular places to visit. Salisbury University, Wildfowl Museum, Zoo & Park and Downtown Plaza just to name a few. Salisbury is nestled along the Wicomico River.


The After Show is a new Entertainment talk show from Executive Producer Erick Ramos. Helmed by hosts Andre Scott and creator Erick Ramos. The series will offer guest interviews, live bands and more.


My good friend, filmmaker and writer Michael Coulombe from Hollywood, CA reached out to me for my service in designing two motion graphic title sequences for Bear Claw Films.


ve·rac·i·ty noun \və-ˈra-sə-tē\ : truth or accuracy – Veracity Matters uses high interest themes like superheroes and pirates with a combination of music, animation, interactive lessons and team building activities that focus on empathy, problem solving,a nd communication skills.


Crowdfund video to promote Veracity Matters; a high interest, multimedia, web based, common core aligned, character education program. This program will help kids learn about respect, honesty, problem solving and developing long lasting relationships with their peers.


The 86th Academy Awards aired Sunday Mar. 2nd 2014 #SociallyDvoted did social media coverage with the Vanity Fair Social Club & The Insider. Check out SociallyDvoted.com for more information on the awards. Also, be sure to check out their facebook.com/sociallydvoted for behind the scene pictures from the event and follow them on Twitter: @SociallyDvoted


The 71st Golden Globe Awards aired Sunday Jan. 12th 8ET/5PT. #SociallyDvoted had the privilege of doing social media coverage with The Insider this year. Check out SociallyDvoted.com for more information on the awards. Also, be sure to check out their facebook.com/sociallydvoted for behind the scene pictures from the event and follow them on Twitter: @SociallyDvoted


Curiosity was a project that came on spontaneously after SE had just bought a crane for filming. As any filmmaker would do, I was anxious to test out the capabilities of the crane and that is how Curiosity was born. Unfortunatley, I was never able to complete the horror short film. We still consider it to be in production and have hopes of completing it in the future.


New York, the city that never sleeps. This project with the very help of my dear friend Thomas Geraci was just that… one that never slept. I consider this timelapse my very first real dive into film. Countless of hours were spent in the crazy hot summer of 2012 walking, and riding trains to capture some of the most beautiful scenes of the great Apple.