About Me

Erick Ramos is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served during Operation Enduring Freedom in the aftermath of September 9/11.

He is a creative professional who has more than 14 years experience designing, developing and deploying projects for corporate branding. He holds 12 years experience utilizing various software applications used in the media industry along with strong skills in graphic design, photography, and film. Erick currently serves as a freelance creative consultant at Wonstark Consulting Group.

Previously, he worked in the role of film and media consultant for Veracity Matters & Socially ‘Dvoted’. He has worked for previous companies as a designer and company technological developer where he managed all social media, designed and managed websites, social networks/blogs, designed print material, and even developed applications for the Architect of the Capital.

More recently, he has worked on numerous film projects, in charge of writing, filming, producing and editing as the President of Production at Stark Element Films. Erick has had the opportunity of doing coverage of the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards, the 71st Golden Globe Awards, the 65th & 66th Primetime Emmys, the VMA’s in 2014, the 86th Academy Awards and his tweets reaching over 5.6 Million users at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony.

– Began writing James Bond like stories as a kid. Many of these stories he still has in composition notebooks and he plans on someday rewriting or implementing certain aspects into future film projects.
– His biggest influences in film direction are Charlie Chaplin, Ridely Scott and Martin Scorsese.
– Pursued a major in Aviation while in college before changing and following a creative career in Graphic Design. Later in life this would prove as a stepping stone in crafting his talent in photography and film.
– Is an avid screenwriter and reader of movie/television scripts reading on average at least a script every other day.